Getting Started

Welcome to Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Psychological Services.
The following information helps to establish a working relationship between you and your IBH Psychological Services clinician.
Comments and questions are encouraged.


Appointments are 45 to 55 minutes in length. They include therapy and discussion of future appointments.


Once you schedule your first appointment, you will need to complete our new patient paperwork. We have several options for this:

  • We can email you a link to the paperwork found on our website
  • We can mail you the forms
  • Or you can arrive early to the initial appointment and complete the paperwork in our office


  • Please bring your insurance card(s) and picture identification.  We will make copies of these documents. 
  • The nature of IBH services are ideally coordinated with your medical health professionals. You will be asked to provide written consent to communicate with your medical health team members.  


Your first 1-2 visits are diagnostic or evaluative interviews.  In collaboration with you, the following recommendations will be made: 

  • Type(s) of therapy needed (ex. individual, family, and/or referrals to medical professionals) 
  • Frequency of therapy sessions (ex. brief, weekly, biweekly) 
  • Treatment goals 
  • A discharge session is a natural part of the process.  Please discuss and attend this session. 


  • Life happens to you and your clinician.  We will contact you at your preferred phone number should an appointment need to be changed.  Please call to cancel an appointment as soon as you become aware you will not be able to attend. 
  • You will be personally charged $50 for appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance other than for emergency reasons.  Insurance companies do not reimburse for appointments not attended. 
  • Failure to attend (or call to cancel) for two consecutive appointments will result in inability to schedule until you speak with your IBH clinician regarding the circumstances of the missed appointments. 

Insurance & Payments


  • Most insurance companies pay for a portion of outpatient mental health services.  
  • Check with your insurance company representative for specific requirements and limitations of your coverage. We will assist you in the process by requesting information regarding your insurance coverage prior to scheduling your first appointment.  We will contact the insurance company, gather the information we can, and then discuss this with you prior to scheduling. 
  • However, payment for services received through Integrated Behavioral Health Psychological Services is ultimately your responsibility.  
  • You must notify us of any and all changes in your insurance coverage within 30 days of the change.  


  • Co-payments and cash payment arrangement amounts are due prior to each visit. 
  • If you have a deductible, a portion of the deductible amount will be collected at each visit until we are notified by your insurance company that the deductible has been satisfied.  The portion collected will be based on payment history from your insurance company. 
  • Charges for services such as litigation, document preparation, and school meetings (ex. individualized education plans, etc.) are not covered by insurance benefits. These fees are based on the individual session hourly charge.


  • IBH Psychological Services and the private practice clinicians associated with this business entity are required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  
  • All information regarding the specific nature of your visits at IBH Psychological Services is confidential unless specified by you in writing. However, IBH clinicians reserve the right to consult with other clinicians at the office as deemed necessary.