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We use our knowledge of evidence-based treatments that actually work to get the results you deserve and need. By working together, we help you change what isn’t working in your life.

Evidence-Based Therapy and Testing for Children And Adults

Mental health is very personal. You need a good fit relationship with the clinician you choose and a clinician experienced in evidence-based treatments.  These treatments work.  Clinical research shows that these treatments work. 

Want to know more about evidence-based interventions in clinical psychology? Read more here.  

“Integrated Behavioral Health” is adding mental health into physical health. The mind-body connection is based on decades of research. For example, anxiety has been shown to play a strong role in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  It is possible that treating anxiety may result in reduced symptoms of IBS.  At the least integrated level Integrated behavioral health is communicating with medical providers from separate office locations.  At the most integrated level, it is working side by side with medical providers in the same location, working together towards optimal health. For more reading, click here.

If you are a physician or from a medical practice, and want to learn more about Integrated behavioral health and how it works through a conversation or presentation, contact behavioral health and how it works through a conversation or presentation, contact Sheryl Lozowski-Sullivan, MPH, PhD here.

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