Our Team

The Clinicians

Sheryl Lozowski-Sullivan, MPH, PhD

Sheryl is the founder and director of IBH Psychological Services. She began practicing in 2008 and started this practice in 2013. Sheryl focuses on adults (18+) with medical conditions such as obesity, insomnia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, headaches, smoking, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer for individual or family therapy. She also works with children (3-17 years) with gastrointestinal problems, enuresis (daytime or nighttime wetting), and encopresis (bowel incontinence) for behavioral intervention/parent training. Sheryl provides a range of testing services including screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADOS-2, ADI-R) for children and adults.

Patricia Hinckley, MA, LPC, NCC, CHT

Patricia is a board certified Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her clinical expertise includes, treatment for anxiety and panic, women in transition, disordered and emotional eating, couples therapy (relationships), cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) and career counseling. Holistic psychotherapy services include traditional talk therapy and hypnotherapy/regression therapy for trauma, weight release and habit reversal. In conjunction with Dr. Sheryl, Patricia provides cognitive and behavioral assessments.

Angela Isbell, MS, OTR/L

Angie has provided treatment to children, adolescents and adults for 25 years. Occupational Therapy uses meaningful activities to help people meet their full potential for successful participation in their daily life roles and occupations. For children and adolescents, this includes playing, learning, socializing, being a friend, and part of family. When a child is struggling in one of these areas, Angie works with the family to problem solve strategies and solutions to help.

The Administrative Staff

Jane Godbehere, Office Manager

With over 20 years serving the mental health community, Jane brings a wealth of expertise to the office. She schedules and reviews insurance benefits with our clients. She keeps us educated on the ever-changing mental health and insurance policies. Jane believes the most important thing she brings to the practice is a smile and a friendly greeting.

Shannon Sullivan, Health Administrator

Shannon schedules and reviews insurance benefits with our clients. She takes the lead on creative projects for our practice. Shannon, along with Jane and Jud are the face of our practice, welcoming everyone who arrives from the front desk.

Jud Gilbert, Clinical Coordinator

Jud coordinates referrals from physicians. He follows up with providers at multiple times during the course of therapy and treatment. In addition he credentials our clinicians with insurance panels.

Alec Sullivan, Clinical Operations Manager

Alec develops changes to our day-to-day operations so that the practice becomes more accessible, environmentally friendly and up-to-date. He also assists with billing and insurance claims.